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A4 Folder Printing


Need a clever and effective way to promote your business? If you have a number of handouts you would like to present to customers, our a4 folder printing service is the perfect choice for you. Offer handouts at a special event or expo and chances are they are going to get lost, forgotten or thrown out before the customer even has the chance to read them. With our colourful, high quality folders, you can stylishly present your information and ensure they keep it and take the time to read what’s inside.


This is ideal for clients that are looking for an effective way to present their information and make it easy for their customers to take home brochures, documents and relevant handouts. They are great for corporate events, expos or as a welcome pack to new or prospective customers. Not only can they be offered as information packs to clients, they can also be used by the employees themselves. This is especially helpful for businesses that require their employees to venture out to customers or have frequent interaction with potential customers.


Take a look at the massive selection available on our website to find the ideal colour and design for your needs. Whether you are after a one pocket design or options with multiple pockets for loose paper, you will find the perfect solution here. Once you find the one you need, add the item to your enquiry list.


If you would like to enquire about our a4 folder printing services, or need assistance in placing an order, please get in touch with us today.

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